Advanced solutions for responses on Whatsapp

With wasubot you can have control of the answers to your customers and provide timely solutions to their questions.

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Serve your customers easily and automatically

With Wasubot you can respond to any concern of your customers by programming keywords which can be used in two ways; single word or word within a sentence, thus providing better specialized attention for each of your clients.
All offline!

What we can do

Increase your response time and your free time


Response time

Respond immediately to customer inquiries

Easy configuration

Simply fill in the fields and add the answers you want to answer

Break time

Save the time of answering all the chats by programming your keywords


All system responses are made through our server, you do not need to have your whatsapp or cell phone on

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$ 15 /mo
  • 100
    Autoresponder Messages
  • 200
    ChatBot Messages


$ 25 /mo
  • 250
    Autoresponder Messages
  • 500
    ChatBot Messages


$ 40 /mo
  • 550
    Autoresponder Messages
  • 1200
    ChatBot Messages

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